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Integrating Your Business Communications

At Scenario, we consider business communications to be everything a business has to say to its customers, suppliers and the media. Business communications frequently originate from different divisions or departments with unfortunate variations in content, mood, look and feel of the message.

A single team of writers, designers and editors, fully informed of business and marketing strategies, can integrate all the business communications into a single, unified voice fine-tuned for each public. This approach leads not only to a much stronger corporate message, but also to greater economy.

Good Writing Is Key

The root craft of documentation, courseware, marcom and internet content is the same: writing!

In spite of this commonality, most companies do not exploit its inherent advantages. For one, organizational issues can stand in the way: turf concerns, headcount concerns, and, inevitably, the politics occasioned by a multi-disciplined, multi-departmental approach.

A company's usual solution to this challenge is simply to avoid it: Let the departments go their separate ways!

Thus, one team develops the documentation, another the training, a third the marcom collateral, and a fourth the web content.

Liabilities include inconsistency and higher cost

This business-as-usual solution incurs two major liabilities. The obvious one is cost: multiple teams must traverse the learning curve. The less obvious one is the loss of consistency and coherency in the resulting deliverables.

Of the three teams, the documentation team probably knows your technology best. Subject matter experts are happy to work closely with technical writers. But their time is valuable and they are disinclined to repeat the process later for your training team, and even less so a third time for your marcom people or content writers.

The unfortunate result:

All of this may be more or less inadvertent, but the consequences are unavoidable. And with degradation in quality comes less than stellar productivity, and less than stellar sales. To make matters worse, the situation is more difficult and costly to correct after deployment than it would have been if it was avoided in the first place.

Outsourcing solution

One of your alternatives is to outsource the entire activity to an experienced business communications team: Scenario Communications. In one bold stroke you can avoid the organizational issues an reap the benefits afforded by our integrated approach.

Outsourcing to Scenario is a best-case scenario!

We have experience in all four disciplines: documentation, course development, marketing communications and internet content and marketing. We work directly with your development/re-engineering team, your HR/training team, your marketing team and your web techs. We analyze each group's requirements and objectives and submit an integrated project plan for all four sets of deliverables.

We can help

Contact us today and let's discuss what we can do for you. You can also give us a heads up by filling out and submitting the client project information form for the business communications project you need help with.