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Internet Marketing & Web Content Services

Internet marketing is a lot more than submitting a site to internet search engines. When a web site has been correctly optimized for search engines, and is supported by vital support programs such as targeted blogs, press releases and other outreach actions, internet marketing can perform miracles.

How important is a web site?

Some businesses with web sites are unaware that their site is performing poorly. They often have web sites because someone said, "Oh, you must have a web site because everyone else has one." Such people may not understand or appreciate what a properly constructed and promoted site can accomplish for them.

Evaluation of strengths and weaknesses

Before we begin any web site project, we perform a series of proven research actions to determine what is wrong and what is right about the site. From this we can recommend the approach that best fits the requirements. When clients receive our detailed report they may be disappointed to learn exactly why their site is an under-perfomer, but energized at the new prospects that can be achieved. They are surprised again to learn what a powerful marketing tool a properly marketed web site can be.

Internet marketing goals

Significant internet presence and search engine dominance are the ultimate goals. To achieve them we follow the new Golden Rule for today's internet marketing communications:

"New content should find customers rather than customers finding new content."

It used to be: "If they can't find you they can't come." That's still true. But today's mantra is more like: "If you don't reach out and find them, they 'll go where someone else has lured them."

There are ways to reach out for new business across the internet. In today's internet-based economy, many businesses ignore such internet marketing solutions at their peril.

Site design and content

If it is a new site, we will design and build from the ground up to maximize everything the internet has to offer in marketing, sales and PR.

If you already have a site we will evaluate it's strengths and weaknesses and prepare a program to achieve optimal internet presence. This often requires major content rewriting, page restructuring, or even a whole new design approach as well as new or rewritten content.

How much does a web site cost?

Asking "How much does a web site cost?" is like asking "How high is up?" There is no fast and easy answer. The cost of a web site is entirely dependent on the goals, the complexity of content and design, and the sheer size of the site.

And it is important to differentiate between the price of a web site and the cost of a web site. The marketing significance or contribution of a web site to overall success must be factored into the equation. Just as the cost of new equipment is a warranted business expense if it means staying current and competitive, the cost of a new web site that peforms the same function is equally warranted. The price is irrelavant.

We can help

If you suspect that your web site could perform better, or want more detailed information about web performance and potentials, call or email us any time for more information. We're always ready to discuss your internet goals.