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Documentation and Marketing Communications Project Summaries

Following are brief summaries of just some of the marketing communications and technical documentation work we've done over the years.

Computer Associates

For development centers in Redwood Shores CA, San Jose CA, Atlanta GA, Woodland Hills CA and Eden Prairie MN, Scenario was retained to produce a wide variety of documentation and marketing communications collateral.

The Boeing Company

Boeing's Southern California location is home to a number of programs and organizations. Scenario personnel worked on several projects, including C-17 Program Management, Phantom Works, and Site Management. Projects over a three-year period included:

Nestlé Management Services, Glendale, CA and Vevey, Switzerland

Nestlé was transitioning its worldwide network to the Microsoft® Windows 2000 (NT5) operating system. The massive project represented years of planning, and included system migrations for thousands of servers and more than 100,000 desktop computers on every continent of the world. Scenario was retained to provide technical documentation, template refinements and design, tecnical editing, formatting, and version control, for more than 100 technical engineering documents covering project costs and benefits, planning guides, infrastructure and architecture guides, implementation guides, and field implementation checklists. A Getting Started Guide was also prepared to orient deployment managers to the documentation set and introduce them to the overall program so that they could start immediately with its most urgent tasks.

TransAmerica Corporation Los Angeles, CA:

For the development center in Los Angeles we created a comprehensive Structured Query Language Classroom Training Manual for absolute rank beginners who needed to get up and running quickly with SQL on a new consolidated database. The very first class of employee students were successfully querying the database before lunch the first day of the course!

Digital Insight Corporation Calabasas, CA

Digital Insight, a leader in e-finance, asked Scenario to prepare the technical documentation to support Online Lending, the latest addition to its internet banking suite of applications. Online Lending provides the general public with internet access to the loan offerings of banks, credit unions, and savings & loans. This documentation project entailed a detailed reference guide designed for financial institution personnel who are tasked with providing support to prospective borrowers, and an administrator guide designed for technical personnel to help maintain the loan programs, loan rates, and other parameters of the Online Lending system.

Voelcker Informatik AG Berlin, Germany:

Voelcker retained Scenario to produce marketing communications collateral for its leading-edge provisioning product, ActiveEntry. We created high-level marketing brochures and white papers to capture the CEO/CFO/CIO audiences, repositioning this European network management leader in this exciting emerging market.

Xanalys Incorporated, Waltham, MA:

We wrote effective marketing communications collateral including high-level brochures for the client's suite of investigation management products, used by police forces, federal and state security agencies, governments and industry around the world.

BroadLogic Corporation, Milpitas, CA:

Scenario created an award-winning API Manual for the company's PC Satellite Receivers used with DVB-compatible satellite systems. Sourced in Framemaker, delivered for print and for on-line in HTML.

California Power Exchange, Sacramento, CA

Scenario produced a user guide for the organization's advanced database management and control system used by dispatchers to load daily and hourly schedules from the electric power grid trading floor into a database, where scheduled megawatts per hour were modified. The system was created by King Computing Consulting, Los Angeles.

systemfabrik, Germany and Los Angeles, CA:

systemfabrik (the lower-case "s" is correct) of Hamburg, Germany, retained Scenario to create a portfolio of technical marketing and sales materials for its highly sophisticated database Extraction, Transfer and Load (ETL) technologies, already popular in Europe, for expansion into the American market. This project included technical white papers and marketing brochures.