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Technical Writing & Documentation Services

Well-written technical documentation forwards your company's objectives and contributes positively to the bottom line. Poorly written documents, haphazardly organized, yield the opposite result. Overloaded call centers, overwhelmed tech support, poor sales, low productivity, and myriad other inefficiencies follow on the heels of poor technical writing.

Good technical writing protects your investment

Your investment is worth protecting. Whether a new product, business process or technology infrastructure, excellent technical writing helps protect your investment and longer-term marketing goals.

Experienced technical writers make the difference

Scenario's experienced, award-winning technical writers create clear, concise and complete documentation, using innovative technical writing techniques and design formats proven to increase user understanding and ability to apply the information presented.

Great documentation only happens when a technical writer knows how to:

Our technical writers are conscientious in building a strong bridge between your subject matter experts and user communities. With our documents, readers gain a clear understanding and can readily apply what they have learned.

Technical writing must survive the tricky localization process

We can help shepherd your technical writing project through the often difficult translation and localization process, from or to any language. When localizations are required, we employ documentation version control to ensure that your documentation remains intact and accurate as it passes through many hands and multiple edits.

Our technical writing spans all types of documentation

The types of documentation we create include:

Up-to-date technical writing tools and techniques

There are many tools out there in technical writing land. Some are better than others for particular jobs. We can employ any application or tool that is required — and we may even be able to suggest improvements.

Documentation authoring

Adobe® FrameMaker® and the other Adobe Technical Communication Suite products such as RoboHelp® are our tools of choice. It is especially robust and feature-rich for large or complex documents and well-suited for single-sourcing documentation across publishing formats. Of course, Microsoft® Word® and the Microsoft Office® suite of products continue to be the workhorse for many projects and is requested by many clients. There are myriad other tools that are used for specific purposes.

Help systems and knowledge bases

We are familiar with all popular help authoring tools and formats, such as RoboHelp, Doc-To-Help, various Microsoft help applications, JavaHelp from Sun, AuthorIT, HyperText Studio, and others. Help authoring tools come and go, and we try to stay abreast of them all.

Graphics and web applications

We are well versed in all the popular graphics applications, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Flash, Visio, Paint Shop Pro, and others. Web authoring, development and design tools such as Dreamweaver, GoLive, and others are commonly used, and we have wide experience in web content creation.

Contact Scenario about your technical writing needs

Contact us and let's review your documentation needs. You can also use our detailed client project information form to tell us about your technical writing project.