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Project Life Cycles: Timing Is Everything

The best time to mobilize business communications resources to support your development initiative depends on the progress of the initiative itself.

A life cycle is typically subdivided into phases, with each phase culminating in a significant accomplishment or milestone.

This diagram shows a generic product life cycle, how a new (or improved) product project progresses from the initial idea through product launch to sales and support in the field. Please note that the diagram opens in a pop-up window, which may require you to turn off pop-up blockers. Click anywhere on your screen to close the window.

Spot which phase of development is currently ongoing for your new product; then identify the documentation, training development and marcom milestones you wish to achieve. You will now be able to judge whether today is early, comfortably late or impossibly late to make those deadlines.

By studying the diagram you can get an idea of the best time for bringing Scenario Communications onboard (see Notes about the diagram below). Even if it seems impossibly late, contact us today — we may still be able to help.

Notes about the diagram

Interpreting the diagram requires that you bear in mind two important points: