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100% Certainty Training Maximizes Investment

Implementing a new technology changes the way people do their jobs. Whether the technology is new software, new infrastructure or new business processes, 100% Certainty Training is essential to fully realize the dramatic enhancements in productivity that you envision from your training and courseware investment.

Scenario offers 100% Certainty Training support as a stand-alone service, or, more typically, as a follow-on to a documentation project. By leveraging the knowledge that we gain by documenting your new technology, your company can achieve its training objectives in the most economical way possible.

Only one learning curve

This economy is based on two facts:

Both of these facts are realized when a Scenario team transitions from the documentation phase to a training development phase of a project.

Your company benefits economically in several ways:

100% Certainty Training: Achieving superior training results

Traditional training methods tell sad tales. Expected proficiencies are often absent and retention rates typically low—the Gartner Group, for example, has reported less than 10% retention 30 days after the completion of training.

When we develop courseware, our objectives are a 100% retention rate and 100% competency. To best achieve them, our curricula and materials are designed for self-paced study in a supervised environment following our successful 100% Certainty Training methodology.

An integral part of any 100% Certainty Training program are frequent practical drills and demonstrations that confirm whether or not a student is "getting it" or needs to go back for more study. Only when 100% cetainty is achieved does a student progress to the next step.

Our experience has demonstrated that the on-site supervised self-paced model is vastly superior to both traditional instructor-led training and web or computer-based unsupervised methods.

Helping students progress

In the supervised self-paced scenario, the instructor is replaced by a qualified trainer whose essential responsibility is not to teach, but to help trainees make progress with the course materials by ensuring that they are not left to flounder in difficulties, upsets or confusions.

Our 100% Certainty Training programs are designed and developed to your requirements. We work with your HR / Training department. We can design the curriculum, develop the course materials, and train your trainers.

With Scenario's 100% Certainty Training methodology, enhanced productivity at your company can become a reality.

Contact us and let's talk about your training requirements. You can tell us about your training and courseware project in detail by filling out and submitting the client project information form.